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The next step to claim at our website is to pass the anti-bot captcha test. This step is mandatory as there are a lot of bad guys out there who wanna rob the faucet cash pool. This helps us protect against them.

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10492 dxfvvgf53 0.00099999 DGB 5h ago
10491 freedigibytePho 0.00099999 DGB 5h ago
10490 IsaacDJ81 0.00099999 DGB 6h ago
10489 kaderli 0.00099999 DGB 16h ago
10488 NADAGLM2 0.00099999 DGB 16h ago
10487 kaderli 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago
10486 chenchihhsien 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago
10485 Franeto 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago
10484 Franeto 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago
10483 Franeto 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago
10482 Franeto 0.00099999 DGB 18h ago